Monday, February 20, 2012

New Member Blogs!

We'd like to welcome four new blogs to the WNC Online Ad Network. Let's start with Katherine A. Johnson's Kataclysmic Comics, a rare thing in that it's comics blog with a local spin.

Next, we have a blog that explains itself, Vintage Horror Films. Writer Zombiefan has quite the knowledge of classic scare flicks.

What better way to start a conversation about faith and sexuality than by simply saying "I'm Christian. I'm gay. Let's talk."? That's what Rev. David Eck, Pastor of Abiding Savior in Fairview, does with his blog.

Blogger Sarah Nix started her new online venture — Asheville: Life, Love & Self — specifically to join the network. Welcome Sarah! 

Thanks to everyone who has joined our community-loving, cross-promoting blog-loving project. Here's hoping we can grow the network to include a rich diversity of perspectives and topics.

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